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  1. The impact of Syntactical Errors in Listening on Academic Writing.
  2. English and Tips for Job Seekers.
  3. Strukturalisme Genetik.
  4. Analysis of Violations and Flouting of Maxim Principles in “Friends” Sitcom which cause misinterpretations that leads to pragmatic errors.
  5. Derivational Affixes in English Verbs.
  6. The Antisocial personality disorder (APD) in the movie script “Seven” by Andrew Kevin Walker
  7. Structure and Motivation to reveal the theme in “cellular” by David Richard Ellis.
  8. The Analysis of dream in the drama “Death of a Salesman” by Arthur Miller.
  9. Anxiety Disorder in the novel “Before I Die” by Jenny Downham
  10. Personality development in “Finding Nemo” by Andrew Stanton’s
  11. Dream Mechanisms in the Novel “Whisper of Death” by Christopher Pike.
  12. Dampak Kesalahan secara Fonologis di dalam Mendengar Terhadap Orang Berbicara
  13. Formalisme
  14. A Analysis of the translation of the English Gerund in the novel “Twilight” written by Stephenie Meyer.
  15. The Translation of English Noun Clauses in the novel of “The Voyage of the Dawn Treader The Chronicles of Narnia” by Clive Staples Lewis, Translated by Indah S. Pratidina into “Petualangan Dawn Treader”.
  16. Motivation and Neurotic Anxiety in the “Sylvia” by John Brownlow
  17. Analisa Depresi dalam Novel “Out” Karya Natsuo Kirino
  18. An Analysis of the translation of Noun Clauses in “the 4.50 From Paddington” by Agatha Christie Translated by Lily Wibisono into Indonesian “Kereta 4.50 dari Paddington”.
  19. Latent Orientalisms in “What’s Your Problem” by Bali Rai’s Novel.
  20. The 20th century private bodyguards in Mexico city reflected in the “Man of Fire” by Edward Morgan Forster.
  21. The author’s criticism on the flaws of the death penalty in Texas in the 20th century in movie script “Live of David Gale” by Charles Randolph.
  22. Psychopath in the film script “MR. Brooks” by Bruce A. Evans.
  23. Dsikriminasi Gender, Tinjauan Novel “Malice”
  24. Annotated Translation of a Novel “It’s in the Music”.
  25. Translation of English Ellipsis into Indonesian
  26. KDRT (Kekerasan Dalam Rumah Tangga)di Amerika abad ke 20, Tinjauan Novel “Mallice” karya Daniel Steel.
  27. Analisis Aspek Sintaksis dan Semantik dalam mengungkapkan tema (analisis structural).
  28. Analisis Hegemony dalam “The Little Mermaid” karya Ron Clement and Johan Musker.
  29. Anlisis Personalitas Ganda dalam “Identity” karya James Mangold’s
  30. Analisis of Tagmenic in Predicate Structures on “The Headlines of The Jakarta Post Newspaper of November 3rd 2008.
  31. The Habitus of Chinese Cambodian Women in Australian Multicultural Society in Alice Pung’s “Unpolished Gem”.
  32. The Jewish Resistance to The Atrocity of Nazi-Germany in Belorussia During The World War II in inflected in “Defience” by Edward Zwick.
  33. An Analysis of the Translation of the English Perfect Modal Auxiliaries in the novel of “P.S. I Love You” written by Cecela Ahern.
  34. Minimal Hegemony in the movie “The Bourne Supremacy” by Paul GreenGrass.
  35. The White Collar Crime Reflected in John Grisham’s The Firm.
  36. Author’s Criticism on the negative side of pasture’s life in the 20th century in the play midnight of the soul by D.M. Bocaz-Larson.
  37. An Anlysis of the internet Terminology in
  38. The Dissociative Identity Disorders in “Tell Me Your Dream” by Sidney Sheldon.

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